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ABOUT US: Siam Kitchen specializes in serving Traditional Thai cuisine. All dishes are prepared
with the same ingredients that they have been prepared with in Thailand for hundreds of years.
This attention to detail ensures that you, the diner, experience Thai cuisine as it was meant to be
experienced. Our mission is to serve fresh and authentic food in an elegant, yet simple environment,
to provide a helpful friendly service and, most importantly, value for money.

For centuries, Thailand has been a stop-off point for traders moving between South East Asia, India,
China and beyond. It has skillfully assimilated influences from other countries into its own distinctive
cuisine without compromising local culture or customs.

At Siam Kitchen we have put together a menu containing some of Thailand's most popular dishes
as well as regional favorites, not often tasted outside of Thailand. We aim to present to you, the diner,
a myriad of dishes that make up the distinct Thai cuisine. From traditional Green, Red and Massaman
Curries, eaten by every Thai, to salads like Som Tam and Larb, redolent with herbs. We have Soups
including the famous Tom Kha Gai and local favorite Stir Frys such as Pad Grapao and Pad Kana.

We hope you enjoy your dining experience here at Siam Kitchen and the unique tastes which come
from The Land Of Smiles